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Beaches near by.

​There are lots of beautiful beaches close to the village, within 10 minutes, along with the marina in Nazare. 

Salgado Beach - 4 mins 


The beautiful quite location of Salgado Beach is just 4 mins drive and stretches for about 6 km and is surrounded by cliffs and the heights of Serra da Pescaria and Serra de Mangues. Very popular spots for hang gliding and ultra-light enthusiasts, the strong waves also attract surfers and body boarders and the beach is normally free from crowds.

There are lifeguards on duty in season, the average seawater temperature in summer is 16-18 ºC.


There is ample parking with a bar and restaurant facilities looking over the sea

Sao Martinho de Porto - 5 mins


Sao Martinho de Porto This seaside village is set in a beautiful sheltered bay with golden sand running its length. Cafes, restaurants and a few bars hug the beach line to create a pleasant atmosphere for family and friends. Stroll along the cobbled streets of the old town, visit the market and absorb the local way of life

Obidos Lagoon - 15 Mins


The Obidos Lagoon is one of the most beautiful spots in the western Portuguese Coast, and constitutes a fragile ecosystem, where diverse species find their habitat. 

Several aquatic birds and migratory can be observed here, yet the bivalve mollusk constitute some of the most important species in the territory. 

The lagoodn has a considerable extension and is perfedct for the practice of the most diversified sports, such as sailing, windsurf or rowing, among many other.












Nazare beach, just 7 minutes drive. Lift to Sitio with beautiful views of all the surrounding beaches, Nazare, North beach and Salgado.  Traditional Portuguese restaurants.

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